August 16, 2016

Radiation Spectrum Measurement

The ICARE-NG radiation detectors are silicon fully depleted solid state detectors (reverse biased diodes).

When they pass through the detectors, ionizing particles create current pulses, proportional to their deposited energy in the diode. These pulses are integrated by a load preamplifier, then amplified, shaped and converted by an analogue/digital converter in 128 or 256 channels.

This provides a histogram representing the count number measured on each deposited energy channel. The detection diodes have various thicknesses (~ 500 µm) and are used in simple or in coincidence mode. The acquisition chains have been adjusted in order to be able to discriminate electrons and protons of medium and high energy.

Measurement principle and associated spectra generation
Measurement principle and associated spectrum generation

Detector heads are oriented in the same plane as the EXPERIENCE Module. They are external and can be removed or changed easily.